Thursday, 2 July 2009

Smells- they remind us of the strangest things.

I've bought a hand soap, it smells just like my grandad.

Now let me explain, I didn't know I remembered what he smelt like as he passed away when I was just 11 years old. The main thing I remember is that he loved ice cream and when we went to visit in him in the hospital my grandma would bring home made peti fours that we got to fill with cream and jam while sitting on his bed. Just as long as we took it easy and didn't spill on the sheets.

Good memories is what I have of him. It's funny with the ice cream. My grandad mainly ate an ice cream that in swedish was called 88:an. It's the best ice cream in the world, I love it, it's my most favourite. It's tbe best combination of vanilla, chocolate and candied nuts. Great ice cream

Here in Australia they have a version of 88:an that is called, wait for it,Golden Gay Time.The best ice cream name in the world if you live in Surry Hill in Sydney which has the biggest gay population of Sydney.

I haven't actually tried it, I think it might not taste as good as looks, cause it probably does not taste like 88:an, and I can't really make myself go to the shop and ask for “Golden Gay Time please” as I suspect the answer to be

“-well you are in the right neighbourhood”

So I shall instead go and have a Tim Tam, which is a chocolate bar masquerading as a biscuit.

My favourite type of disguise ever.


  1. OH, I love 88:an! But I'm mad at GB cause they've chunked all the good ice creams! And why, oh dear glass-Gud, aren't there any coco nut ice creams? It's the best flavour in the world, and so healthy too...

  2. You write lovley. Pappa Birger would love to read what you are wrighting. Fantastic

  3. Glass...vad är det för fel på vit chokladmousse, sån som Anton gör!?