Wednesday, 22 July 2009

First day at work......

almost feels like first day in school. It was good, I had nothing to worry about, the people all seem nice and it feels like it will be a good thing. I wont bore you more about that.

However on my way to work I was walking along the street and in front of me there was a grey clad Franciscan monk walking along; holding his skateboard underneath his arm.

Apparently there was a Vocation Expo at Martins Place today as a part of a Christian Youth drive. Scence stands for – Sydney Congress Embracing new Evangalisation. It looked like people there where enjoying themselves, if that is what you are into. There was a group of about 20 or so 16 year olds singing some version of Bloodhound gangs song Fire Water Burn.

Obviously the lyrics where adapted. No longer should the roof go on fire but the devil, and the start chanting bit had been changed to Cheerleader version of JESUS, Give me an J, Give me an E, Give me S etc. etc....what have we got kind of thing.

Now I get that that evangelical churches need to adapt to get street appeal, you know, to get down with the kids. But I do wonder who's idea it was to choose a band that haven't made anything since yearly 2000 and who has other songs with titles such as “Yummy down on this” and “I wish I was Queer so I could get chicks”

But hey, desperate times calls for drastic measures.

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  1. So weird, I commented on this yesterday... are you censoring me? Then I shall choose my words carefully... The street appeal of any church will never grow strong I think, at least not when many people believe in god AND in having sex and condoms and all. Well, well. Good that your work mates seems nice, I think it sounds great that you'll be getting the social contact with new people in your new home country! Bisou!