Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Kitchen of the 1000 thingamajigs.

People have big houses here, even small apartments are big in comparison to European small apartments. It does not mean that as a back packer you don't live 5 people to a small one room flat, it's just that that one room will be slightly bigger then the one room in London. So you could save money and get a sixth person to sleep in the hallway cupboard.

A slightly bigger flat means a slightly bigger kitchen; and that my friends in this country means a whole load of Kitchen gear. I have never been to place where so many people have so many appliances in their kitchen.

Electric Frying pans, have you ever heard about such a thing. They are really popular here, comes in shapes and sizes from a small little omelette pan to a huge banquette pan that you could cook a small tree in. If that is what you are into, tree frying. They are the same as a normal frying pan but they plug into the wall, instead of using your normal cooking hob.

Then they have the other thing that can be used as an oven to bake and roast in, I can't remember what it's called. But it's something like Flymo Oven or something...

Now if you have a cooking hob and an oven, why would you need to have en extra frying facility and oven.

But that is not all people here have griller, in house BBQ, outhouse BBQ, mixers, blenders and slow cookers. The appliance part of any home ware store is bigger then any of the other parts.

I blame the TV, you can buy many of these things of the TV and people do. Even sane people it seems. Not like in Sweden where people who buys kitchen knife sets of late night TV shows since the knifes can cut soft drink or beer cans (cause you know, you really know that) are mainly crazy lonely people who stay up late at night alone watching. Now my dad will disagree on this as he says that most people who buy things from catalogs and off tv in sweden are women living in large cities who are in their 30:s. And he should know he works in the industry of getting the stuff bought to the house where they shall now live.

Imagine this; your sitting and are having your breakkie watching the news and then someone comes and attacks you with information about the absolute ab worker or the flymo oven, well your defences are down in the morning aren't they. Your tired, your cold (if it's winter, sweaty if it's summer I suppose) and then you just kind of go...”-Yes, of course, it would be grate to be able to roast a whole pig and then not clean the oven afterwards. I will get one of these flymo things cause apparently they roast with infra red light or something and they clean themselves”

and who haven't heard about them self cleaning ovens hu?..They are good.

So you buy your flymo, use it once to make a cake that doesn't rise properly and then you shove it right back into the cupboard right next to the chocolate fountain and the electric fondue set.

So in general people have far to many appliances and really SHIT knifes....only serrated knifes and no knife sharpener...

I'm telling you people...Australian people...priorities please, you do not need more baking machines or automatic calorie calculating scales that take hours to calculate calories to cook easier..YOU NEED KNIFES THAT ACTUALLY CUT THINGS LIKE FOOD...not just soft drink cans

Then again that Absolute Ab-worker seems to work wonders on that woman off tv. She doesn't like at all the same in the before and after pictures. I mean the ab-worker must even have changed her face...amazing. I'm so getting this where is my credit card and the home phone. Ohh that is right, I haven't got a home phone.

I'll go to IKEA instead.


  1. hi hi hi! funny funny writing sister! The ab-slide really works, it's great, I don't have one at home, but I use it at the gym and it's really killing my stomach! I think there's some people who are "gadget-people". They enjoy buying gadgets, even if they only use it once. I'm not one of those people. I would cope with an old stereo, an old tv and three good knifes, then I would be set. But O likes stuff, speakers with special thingies, we have two (TWO!) computers in our two room flat, and so on. luckily O doesn't have a lot of money, otherwise he would be like his brother who has bought his third version of the I-phone, cause the version from 1,5 years ago is OLD! well well...

  2. Oh your booth so funny!! I like a lot of things, but I guess the things I like most are books and pencils. Otherwise I dont think I need a lot of things. But of course, good sharpened knifes are fine, and also nice salladtools, you can have a lot of them. Why are they having electric fryingpans? Is it instead of stoveplates? I love you my girls!!