Thursday, 16 April 2009

New Commision

The guy that bought the heart has asked for another necklace.
It's the handfasting chain necklace. At our wedding we had a hand fasting ceremony, which basically means striking a bargain by tying of hands.

A traditional hand fasting ceremony uses coloured ribbons to tie the couples hands together, however I could not help but wanting to make something for it. So I made tree chain lariat necklace with multi coloured tourmalines to use as a “tying medium”. The necklace has a leaf shaped lariat point (a leaf shape is also a representative of the female form, funnily enough, I didn’t know that at that point) with three fine sterling silver chains attached to it. The multi coloured are attached to the end of the chains.

The photos shows how the necklace was used, and also one photo of it “wound up”. The photos are by our wonderful photographer Anna Rex at More Than Words Photography.

Anyway, this client wants to have similar necklace for his fiancĂ©. This necklace will have pink topaz, aqua coloured chalcedony, hot pink tourmalines and some vivid turquoise apatite. As per always I’m working for to little money. I hate the pricing bit. For my next project I shall ask the buyer for a budget and design from that. Instead of designing first and then tell the price. Cause I always underestimate the cost and work effort. Hard lessons so learn from commission work.

Anyway, Photos of the new necklace to come.

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  1. hihi, you are the bestest silver-designer in the world! yes you are, yes you are are are... guess what song...