Thursday, 23 April 2009

Super heroines

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about superheroes; well more like super heroines, female super heroes. What type of jewelry would a super hero be wearing.
I’m thinking for a super hero work situation they would have to wear a gun shot reflecting bracelet, an amulet necklace that would protect them from what ever is their own type of kryptonite., maybe a ring that allows communication since the phone/watch is so Bond ca 1970 but not in a good way or in which you can carry some type of poison.

I don’t think for their work costume they would be wearing big earrings, but small discrete ones with something like Bluetooth technology in them.

Whereas for their casual clothing I’m feeling some over the top drop earrings are in place, that could be used as a throw weapon incase of emergency like Modesty Blaises handbag handle.

They would still be wearing a bracelet, maybe one with a secret super heroine code on it so they could recognize each other. No point having two super heroines in the same coffee shop. Better to spread out the super hero powers over the city. So if they saw one with the secret sign bracelet in the coffee shop they could then choose another coffee shop. To make sure that all citizens of the town was save, in all coffee shops.

So my first Super Heroine I’m making jewellery for will be my made up “Water Woman”, she will mainly be wearing Sterling Silver and Aquamarine jewellery. I have not made any of it yet, I’m still in the design phase. I’m also not sure that Water Woman is such a good name for her. So If I explain what she is like, maybe some of the readers can help me with a good Super Heroine name

Water Woman– (name for now)
Gemstone: Aquamarine and Blue Topaz. (Aqua Marina – “Water of the Sea”)

Personality: Strong willed and honest. Sometimes to honest, she will tell you if you ask if that skirt really suits you, but only if you ask. She is diligent and hardworking, she feels no pain. She is great in a crisis but sometimes her clear slightness makes people believe she is cold and detach. She isn’t, but she likes to get the job done quickly and efficiently so she can get off and continue with her swim training. She is currently working on her butterfly stroke.

Super Hero Powers: Water Woman magically overcomes any effects of poison, she can summon the energy of water to deflect bullets or any attackers with a water shield. Can control and divide water in the style of Moses with her mind.

She is a great swimmer, gives Dana Torres a run for her money Dana.

Look: I see Water Woman as very fair, sometimes so fair that she is translucent. She can blend into any environment almost as she was see through. She will be tall and strong, almost a bit boyish in her muscle definition (again see Dana Torres, can you tell I’m a fan) . I will have to have a think about her casual wear style but her super hero outfit will be a aqua colored swim suit like outfit. With a small cape, the cape will have tiny tiny silver butterflies on it, so small that you can’t almost see them, as a nod towards her favorite swimming stroke and also showing her well hidden girly side.

Insecurities: She spends a lot of time on her hair and do not like to get it wet, but hates the look of a swimming cap. She currently working on developing a swimming helmet for her super hero work outfit that does not give her helmet hair.

This is my first drawing of the Amulet Necklace for Water Woman. I’m not so good at drawing on the computer, but you get the idea of what it will look like.

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