Wednesday, 29 April 2009

2.5 days and counting

It’s my last 2.5 days left at work and then I will be officially unemployed; By Chioce. That is the strange thing, I will be unemployed by CHOICE.

I am very financially risk averse, and leaving my job without having sorted another is something I would never think I would do. But I have and it’s scary and exiting at the same time. Exiting because it might allow me to do something different, don’t really know yet what the different thing will be. But I’m sure that will show it self. I will start by sitting on a beach for a couple of weeks to start; the meaning of life might show up there, you never know.

I have spent so much time in the last years being disillusioned with my previous choices and blaming everything and everyone but me (that’s right mum and dad I’ve blamed you) . But I guess I finally realised that I’m the one the blame. Better late then never eh?? Blame for wanting security before doing something that I like, but I think the most annoying part is that I whine about it. I guess I’ve grown up a little, you have to stand by your choices, I choose to study for 4 years something that I really didn’t care for. Mainly cause I didn’t really know what else to do, and I really didn’t want to move back home without having achieved something. So I got my MSc and then what. I started whining.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m going to try to not be such a cry baby, now if I get to the other side of the world and run straight into the same industry that I work in here and that I bitch about all the time. Feel free to whack me over the head. That will be hard as I will be living on the other side of the world from those most likely to hear me whine about it. But you can tell A to do it for you.

Anyway tonight I’m getting my camera that I left at a friends house on Sunday, and I will show you the fab photos of London Marathon and the fantastic sweater my friend Fred ran it in.


  1. Hello my darling
    You have been everthing but a cry baby. You have never been a whining type and the only reason to wack you over your head would be that you are moving to the other side of the world. I do already miss you totaly...

  2. well, I think it's good that you've desided not to whine about your choises anymore, and it's especially good that you're gonna say that if someones to blame it's yourself. NOT beacuse you are a whining person or that you blame everyone else, but when you've come to a descision like that, you will feel much more content with yourself and everyone around you! Cause you will stop focusing on everything that's gone wrong and instead focus on what you can do about it. You go girlie girl!!

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