Thursday, 23 April 2009

Old jewellery

I have so much jewellery, over the years I have made so much for me to wear that I could open a shop. Now as I'm moving i've been trying to establish if I should take it all. I mean I have things I made when I started out that I never wear anymore.

For example these rings, I made them , I still really like them. But I never get around to wearing them. They are such a statement,they are such a party piece of jewellery, I call them My Ninja Death Star Set.

Ninja Death Start Set

Rose Quartz Necklace
I have at least three different necklaces of this type, one in chaceldony, one in turquise and this one with rosequartz. I love the weight of these necklaces, and they work so well when you are wearing a mainly subdued outfit (as I do mainly wear only black that fits me well). I still don't wear them often. I wont be getting rid of it thought.


Then there are other old things that I would never get rid off. My stacking set, I've got one and it's the one piece together with my wedding ring that I wear everyday;I made one of these for each of my three sisters, they all wear it daily.
I like the fact that the the little gold balls allows you to rotate the ring between your fingers. So you have something to do with your hands when you get nervous.
Sisters Stacking


  1. jag kan offra mig själv och vara din dumpningsplats för smycken som du inet vet vad du skall göra med

    Många kramar Katarina

  2. Ehm, *hands up* I can also sacrifice my self to be a dumping site for jewellery you don't want any more...

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