Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Travel Plans

We are starting to gear up our travel plans and decided we are not going to Bali as well as they are having national elections during the time we would be there. Our plans right now is to stay in Thailand for about 14 days. We will first be going to Chantaburi to allow me to go to the gemstone market, and a gem mine. We are staying at a real nice place, but I can never remember the name.

The questions is now, where do we go after that. Shall we stay in Thailand and go super duper touristy and go to Koh Samui, or do we go up in the jungles, or do we go and visit Vietnam, Cambodia or any other country that is fairly close. (I would have loved Mayanmar but since they are not really a democratic country and they have had the opposition leader under house arrest for years and years, I do not feel that I can justify to support a heinous regime just so I can buy more rubies.)

Other than that I randomly walking around the house and throws things out, just cause I can’t fathom how much stuff we have collected. I used to be able to move with the help of one taxi. Two boxes of stuff and that was it. Now I have at least 2 boxes of stuff just for my paper craft, not including any of my jewellery tools.

So what do you do with all the books, my excitedly purchased two for one crap that is all over the place. I have 3 tea pots, and I don’t drink tea. I use one as a watering can. It has a good size snout.

I have sorted out most the books I’m giving away/throwing out. And I have no book takers, so tonight I’m placing it in the hallway downstairs in the building to see if someone wants them. If not I’ll just have a book fire.

And last night I painted easter eggs for the easter eggs "ris" - branches...very nice..

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