Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter is over - thank god

Thank god Easter is over, it was so nice. My dad was here, which was lovely but meant I ate all the things I shouldn’t eat, drank far too much wine (and I’m allergic to wine so now I’m covered in red dots), and did no exercise or physiotherapy.

What is it with visitors that make you want to mainly feed them cake? I normally don’t eat that much cake but as soon as someone comes and stay I force feed them cake and biscuits. To make that easier I ply them with huge amounts of wine. What is that you say, You are on a diet? How about trying one of these dark chocolate truffle eggs…they are just tiny and luscious and one is not going to kill you… (hehehe in my mind I know they will eat 20). It’s like I do comparative dieting. I feel a bit unfit, here why don’t you eat a chocolate crème cake, make me feel real thin??

Monday I spent sorting through things I own and tried to decide what to ship, what to sell and what to throw away. I have 8 big black bin bags of discarded clothing; I didn’t know I owned 8 bin bags of clothing let alone 8 bags of it that could be thrown away. I also have one bag of shoes, mainly shoes I know I will never be able to wear again due to their heel height. Since the surgery the highest heel I will be able to use is 2 inches, I never knew I owned so many 4 inch heels.

After sorting that out I was so depressed as I’m feeling I’m loosing all my stuff that the only thing that would help would be to go out for a beer. It did help a little. Beer again comes to the rescue.

Also with the big riots in Thailand we have decided to amend our holiday/honeymoon/travel on the way to Oz. I don’t want to spend my holidays worrying if I can leave the country that I’m holidaying in. So hopefully we will be able to change the flights to Kuala Lumpur and then instead of spending some time in Thailand we’ll go to Penang or Langkawi. We’ll see, A is on the case. He is the best organiser I know. Where as I couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery!

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  1. Yeah, I've noticed that you buy unhealthy stuff when we come over... Well, youäl have one weekend before I arrive, and then it will be kruskakli until you drop! I've taken over your habit of eating small candy until I feel sick. I've never had that problem before, but I've felt a little nauseas for four days now... not good gummisnodd