Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dumpster Diving

I spent the weekend sorting out some of the things in the flat that needs to be thrown out before we move. As always when you go through large amounts of your possessions when you start out in the morning you are very hesitant to throw out anything, but by lunch time you are ruthless.

That is when it happened, I ok:d throwing out of our congratulary wedding cards. All the cards wishing us a happy future, all those lovely cards all our nice guest had given us on our wedding day. I didn’t think about it much really, I’m not really a sentimental person that way. I’ve moved way to many times to allow myself to be sentimental about paper.
I only keep things that are vital for survival if you like.

Until last night at 10.30 pm I didn’t think about it at all. Until I had a chat to my sister about the things she kept (she is even less sentimental then me) she had kept all the wedding congratulations cards and all the cards she received when her children where born. Then it struck me, I got really sad I didn’t have these cards anymore. I was thinking about the things I would save if the house where on fire (my passport, my wallet and my computer cause all my photos; wedding photos included are on my computer).

So I got angry with A for talking me into throwing them out, then forced him to come with me when I went to the bin room and took a dive into the recycling bin to save my cards. Luckily we have lazy bin men in London; they don’t come so often and I was able to save my cards. I have decided to glue them into the guest book my grandfather made me for the wedding together with any extra photos I have received from our guests. That way I will have a sentimental wedding book for me of everyone wishing us our best. Basically it will be my book of confirmations that we made the right decision to get married. It could come in handy one day; one never knows when peoples bad habits get overwhelming (like my insistence to blame A for everything, sorry about that by the way) and you want to throw them out the window.

So to avoid any future back strain from throwing people out windows I know have my cards and I’m very very happy that A as per normal allowed me to blame him for something I really did and then helped me fix it. Thank you, you are super human. Like superman but way better looking.

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