Friday, 17 April 2009

Latest Commision

I finally finished the latest commision and I'm sooo tired, I'm gonna watch gilmore girls, have a cup of tea and some chocolate eggs.

Unfortunately I couldn't set up my real light box, so I can't take any real good pictures. SO these will have to do, but the stones are much more vivid coloured in person.

The light pink stones are topazes, the dark pink tourmaline, light aqua is chalcedony, dark aqua apatite and purple iolite.

Close up of stones

In Box


  1. The neckless is sooooo pretty!!!! I want one! I LOVE the design you came up with, and all the colours are so nice. They kind of remind me of easter egs, but maybe that's because you are such a bunny?

  2. testing anonymous comments

  3. It is GREAT!! I could have ine on Friday when I'm going to a Gala-Dinner at Stadshuset...