Wednesday, 8 April 2009


The stickiness is back, I was only gone for an hour. So I have to revise my theory on who is making the desk sticky. It could be my coworkers (i.e. boss), it would not be unlike him to try to wind me up with stickiness.

Or maybe I'm the one that is sticky to start with. Which is strange, since i've already showered 2 today and it's only 12.32 at lunch...

So the stickiness must come from somewhere else, I hope ( I would not enjoy being a sticky person, imagine being sticky and shaking hand with other people, it would make them attached to you. Very uncomfortable for both of you really)

I think I shall see if I can move the CCTV camera to cover my desk so I can check it. The problem with that is, that the security people could spend the day watching you and figuring out your bad work habits (mine is bad posture and dancing in my seat when there is a good song on my ipod).

So I would have to move the CCTV camera everytime I left my desk, and then move it when I got back. It would be a lot of CCTV camera moving and people would start wondering...

This problem is becoming unsolvable.

However. I found a real cool link for ...fabric easter eggs

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