Saturday, 18 April 2009

New Rings

I've made some new rings lately. I'm practicing to set square stones

I love topaz, and particulary this strong london blue colour.

This is a set of rings I've been working on, they are rosequartz and amazonite.
You can wear them individually or as a group.

I think they look real cute grouped together.

They are cute one on one as well

I've been trying to take new photos of my tourmaline cross over ring. It's really hard to show the cross over detail. It's a delicate ring, and the cross is where the ring meets at the top. I love this ring, the elevation of the stone makes a lot of light reach the stone and makes the stone sparkle and shine.

I find taking photos quite hard, but even harder is describing the pieces. I'm working on my description for my webshop and it's hard. It's hard to explain what they look like, and how much you like them without sounding like you are doing the hard sell...or like a prat.


  1. I want one of the rosequartz and amazonite rings. I LOVE them. They look like fun rings, you can really hear them giggling and making funny faces. Can I buy one?
    And the cross over one is unbelieveble. You're talanted!

  2. You make wonderfull things! It makes me glad just to see them. I can see how much you love the stones, in your jewlery. The rings bring out the best in the stones.