Thursday, 1 October 2009


Hair is very important. I think hair is probably more important factor to how I feel about me then a lot of other things, good hair and no red marks on my face and I'm happy.

I have been to the hairdresser, the hairdressers here ply you with masses of wine and take forever doing things. That means that by the time they get around to cutting you hair you are already half drunk and would accept any cut they where willing to give you. My cut is now very very much shorter then I thought of planned when I went there, and the hair is much blonder. But I like it. And I also liked the very funny ginger man with the crazy hairy dogs that cut it.I think sometimes the experience is probably as important as the result.

Now I have very short very blond hair. Hair very similar to that that my sister used to have until she dyed it dark the other day. We also both have tight brigth red short jackets. Very suspicious.

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