Monday, 5 October 2009

Long weekend - bad weather

We have had a long weekend here with bad weather. Weather that allows you to be inside and faff about. Which I have. I have been quite productive actually as you can see above

They are 4 pendants and one pair of earings. None of them are finished, they are still in the works. They need to be polished and the stones and pearls need to be set. No rings. I have not made a ring in a while. I love making rings. Maybe I should make some more rings.

Other than that we haven't done that much this weekend, we have been for dinner and had people for dinner. We have played some serious rounds of pit (a card game) that turned very competitive. Some people drew blood.

I have also been looking for a real stone setting course and I found one but it's on the other side of Sydney and I can't drive and it's during the week. So I don't really know how to fit it in. But i'm gonna see how I can do it, cause I really miss my jewellery course in London.

I just tried calling my brother who has a birtday today, but no answer. I will try again later. But if I can get a hold of him. Happy B'day BG :-)

Also I forgot to mention my readers in Pensylvania..Hello..Nice to hear from you, hope to see you. Lots of Love

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  1. I've been trying to call him too, five times, no answer... well well.
    The pendant at the right top, with the pearl, it's beautiful! All of it is beautiful, but it really looks like you've had new inspiration for your jewellery. Love you!