Thursday, 8 October 2009


I have issues with chewing gum. I do not like the smell or taste of chewing gum. I do not like the way people look when they chew it. If you want to work that hard to look like a cow chewing their cud why not just buy a cow hide and walk on all fours. Well it’s either cow or surly teenager. None of those looks really work for you if one has passed 17.

The biggest issue however is the smell. Why can’t they make chewing gum that doesn’t smell like an off brand of toothpaste? And people chew it to make their breath less stinky, why not floss every night and keep a tooth brush at work..

That is my very important issue for the day...


  1. du e knäpp... I like the smell of chewing gum. It's fresh! But it'd not good for your stomac...

  2. Jag älskar tuggummi och man kan ju spotta ut det -i en papperskorg helst så ingen får det under skorna för det är det äckligaste jag vet. När ajg började gymnasiet köpte jag varje lunch ett stort toy och en dubbeldajm. Det var nyttigt och gott. Så tuggummi är bra, även om man förstås måste lära sig att tugga civiliserat. kramar