Friday, 2 October 2009


More is a picture I took all myself of myself and my new hair. It's very short and very blonde...

Goooooooooo Roxette...

Come on join the the joyride


  1. ooooo, it looks so good on you. SUperfina-tjejen! you look great in the shorter hair, you look so tough! Very australia-going-to-the-beach-and-doing-some-surfing-booo-ya! and about the red jacket, I know! When I saw myself in mirrors before, I thought, hey, Maria is supposed to be on the other side of the planet... weired...

  2. Whos the good looking sumo wrestler?

  3. I like it, it looks funk-ay. I stayed up half the night last night reading and now I can't sleep. Still, it's pilates tomorrow, super-excited about that. xxxx

  4. Du är jätefin i håret, superbra att du klippte det kort igen, du passar utan tvekan bäst i det. Men lite arg på bilden kanske...kramar!

  5. Superfint!!!
    Wow du ser supersnygg ut.