Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Library Finds

Last weekend I went to the library to get a stack of books. I love the library as it allows me to indulge not only in books I should read but also in proper trash that I want to read.

In my new stack of trash and also the books one should read I found an extra suprise. The person who borrowed the book last time have used a photo of her or himself as a bookmark. The person only seem to have gone half way throught the book, it's understandable it's not that good a book.

There are two people in the photo, a blond girl and a latin lover looking man. They look very happy to be sitting so close. It's a close up so I think that the girl has taken the photo herself by holding the camera up like so.

I'm intrigued by this photo. I know from the datestamp at the back that it was processed in april 2007 at 5.15 in the afternoon. Now I wonder why the photo has been used as a bookmark. Did the love go sour and that is all it was good for or did they like each other so much she wanted to have him with her in her book on the buss. I think the carrier of the book would have been a her as the book is proper chick-lit buss reading trash.

Anyway, it's nice to know that somewhere close to where I live there is a blond girl who is (or were in the sour love scenario) happy with her latin man who have equally bad taste in books as I do.


  1. This is such a perfect beginning of a novel Maria. Your writing has surely improve, Im impressed. Kan inte ringa nästa söndag för då är jag i Bohuslän, men vi kanske kan höras måndag om en vecka? Jag ringer 8 svensk tid? Tack för pratet iag, alltid lika roligt. Älskar dig min skatt.

  2. Its perfect, I loved it. I was so sorry when it ended!!