Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Pretty as a painting

I went to a gem show a few weeks ago. I met a lovely lady called Janet. She cuts and sells boulder opals. Boulder Opals are opals that still have some of the Iron stone matrix attached in them. Sometimes that makes them extra beautifull, alsmost like paintings and sometimes it makes them look like pikey market crap, it all depends on how they have been cut.

Janet is great boulder opal cutter as you can see in the above picture. I bought these ones solely based on the fact that they look a lot like a painting I got from my grandfather. My grandfather used to paint when he was alive. A lot. When my sister and I would visit we would sometimes get some paintings. The stone to the left in the picture looks a lot like a little tiny one that I have (somewhere in my dads flat I think, I hope) of two men in a fishing boat. The colours are the same, the composition is the same obvisouly the gem is very different. But still the same.

These stones are not that big, maybe 1.5 square centimeter. Maybe 2. I don't know what to with them, I only bought them as the reminded me of the paintings.


  1. they do look a lot like his paintings. They're beautiful. If they remind you so much of him, I think you should either make something for yourself and Katarina, like a sibling thing, or just keep them in your giant box that you have with all your stones that you sometimes take out and just fiddle around with. hehe.

    What kind of job is it that you want? You're a good programmer, but I think you're on the right path with doing something you're pasionate about!

  2. Those are truly beautiful jewels. I love the colours. x