Sunday, 11 October 2009


I've not been watching a lot of telly on time here, or I watch a lot of TV. But I tend to record it and then watch it later so that I don't have to watch the add.

But tonight I'm watching a cooking show in real time, Rick Stein is travelling around sicilly and is cooking, and I'm getting really hungry and start to dream about my friends S cooking. She cooks wonderfull Sicillian food and the best pasta I have ever had anywhere...I really love Sicilly. I think it's probably one of my favourite places to go on an eating holiday, even the bread tastes beautifull.

So What i've decided is to try to find some good pasta dishes and work hard on finding a place that sells good parmesan cheese. I've not found any good parmesan yet. I think I will have to try a cheese delicatessen or something. One would assume one would be able to find really good parmesan cheese in Sydney as there are so many Italian imigrants here. Maybe out at five dock...

I shall have to google it I think..

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