Friday, 2 October 2009

International Excitement for me

I was checking my web stats. I don’t often do that; maybe once a month I go and check to see what is happening and how many visits I’ve had during the month.

The most fun part for me is to look at the geographic location where the visitors come from, there are few areas which have higher visitors number which is to be expected as I know my family in Sweden and Australia reads my blog. But the more unexpected once that I see is so much fun for me. There are people who have come to my blog from places I’ve never been. I have never been to Jaipur in India or Poznan in Poland or Massachusett in the States so it’s really funny that that they have made it here.

So Hello Poznan, Jaipur, Hong Kong, Singapore and Massachusett. Great to see you, I hope you come back.

And Hello Sweden, UK, US and Australia I love you all very much.

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