Friday, 23 October 2009


On Wednesday it was fantastic weather and I was home quite early from work so A and I went for a walk after dinner. We sat down at a pub just off Crown street and had a beer to watch the people and the sunset, or as much sunset that you can see in Surrey Hills. As I was sitting there waiting for A to return from the bar a really attractive surfery looking couple drove past in really old crappy car and I felt -“Ohhhh that is what I want, I want to have an old beat up banger to drive around in an look cool and surfery and hot”

As I was sitting there thinking about how cool and surfery I would look I realised. No Maria you won’t look cool and surfery in your beat up car, you will look like a soon to be old woman sitting in a shitty beat up car.

I realised that I’ve missed one of lifes opportunities to look like cool surfery dude kind of person. So that kind of depressed me. Then I realised that the cool surfery couple probably dreamed about a nice car with air conditioning and fully working breaks with a good safety rating. The kind of card I would buy if I bought a car. So that made me feel better and adult and like the kind of person that has a few extra spare portions of homemade vegetarian lasagne in the freezer for the days you can’t be bothered to cook and you don’t like eating take away food.

Just like the kind of person that I am.


  1. Så fint. You described this perfectly! I think the exact same thing when I see cool people, like really earthy-looking girls, O I want to be like her, with wood beeds in my hair and pictures of all the whales I saved. And you also came to the right conclusion. You are who you are, and we LOVE who you are! hihi, it would be fun though to see A with long wavy hair, baggy jeans and a long board under his arm. Peace out!

  2. När vi skulle köpa vår första bil, så tyckte jag att det kändes jättekonstigt att vi köpte en så dyr bil. Jag hade alltid trott min första bil skulle vara en skruttbil, men nu har jag insett att det handlar om när i livet man köper sin första bil..