Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I now know

Why the wear the caps when they are swimming in the Olympics. It’s because they make your head buoyant. You float better; this morning I was swimming so fast that I tipped over. I can ‘t use my legs and my right arm is stronger than my left arm when I get tired the left arm can’t keep up and I tip over. It’s quite humorous to see. I look like seal playing in the water.

This is however not the effect I am striving for; I’m working more towards a Michael Phelps/Dana Torres powerful boat look. Actually I am improving. Now If I am swimming my best best swimming technique the fastest I can possibly manage I can almost keep up over 25 meters with A:s casual frolic warm up swim.

However the caps do not keep your hair dry or water out of your ears; which is why I was using it in the first place. So now my blonde hair has a green tinge and my ears are clucking like a half filled cups.

1 comment:

  1. Du skriver så himla roligt!!
    Jag gillar ordet "clucking".
    men kliar inte kloret?

    Kram K