Tuesday, 29 September 2009

What do you want out of life..

my sister asked me quite fairly and I am unable to answer. I tend to get drawn in different directions on this one, one way I want to be a super hot super bissi business person who buys all Christmas presents at the airport cause they are so busy and international and jet setting and all that.

The other me wants to be all French and dark and live on black coffee and cigarettes, the third would want to be a yoga instructor who is all healthy and eat predominantly green things, fourth but not least I would like to have an easy life...not that my life is hard as such, just an even easier one..One where my brain would shut up...Sometimes I want to stay at home and make cupcakes, other days I think I wouldn't mind being an underground miner or a therapist, or perhaps an ear doctor cause I really like ears.

But most of all I want my brain to shut up and just go along with it


  1. i miss you - but like you said in an earlier blog at least you blog so i cant see what you are up to...seeing as we dont have a home phone i cant really phone you either which is STOOPID...

    sand storm looks a little crazy....am off to military fitness this evening - its fun - you would like it and i think maybe be the only person who would appreciate exercising in the park and being yelled at :-)
    hugs vix xxxx

  2. I think you first of have to stop thinking that the tre answer will come. It probably won't. Then you don't have to plan everything, especially not your whole life! pick a couple of things that seem good, and then you go from there. I know the plan thing is hard, better then to make lots of little choices, then two huge ones. Your brain is you, you have to stop putting so much presure on yourself. You don't have to be a finsihed human being. Because it's impossible. No one is complete. Take a deep breath, make cup cakes and be happy for what you got. You have to appreciate yourself. PUSS!

  3. JAG SAKNAR DIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!