Saturday, 30 January 2010

Outside Enjoyment

Last night we went to see a movie (The September Issue) at the Sydney Outdoor Cinema. It was such an experience.

I didn't take the photo above as never bring my super duper camera anywhere.I found it on-line to show you the view of Sydney that you have at the cinema, the actual screen is placed in the water.

It's open during the summer, at Mrs Maquaries Point, and from there you look out over the Harbour bridge and the Opera house. It's such a beautiful location. I'm a huge fan of the harbour views in Sydney, I think it must be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Last night was perfect, the weather wasn't perfect so it was possible to get last minute tickets to the show, and since the sun wasn't out all the time it was not stinking hot. It was warm with a very light breeze.

Mrs Maquaries point is next to the botanical garden so you get a a wonderful mix of scents from from the salty water and tropical plants.

It was truly and experience and the movie was good as well.


  1. At the same time we had -10 and halfclear sky. This morning we had some more snow but it is nice and white even if the traffic i terrible.

  2. Det där ser så läckert ut Maria, du har ingen aning om hur bra du har det! Eller så vet du det! Men i alla fall-njut!!