Thursday, 14 January 2010

Spicy Thursday

I have had the biggest yearning ever for really spicy food in the last couple of days, the type of yearning that makes you dream of red chilies in your breakfast porridge. So I decided to ignore the lunch I brought in today and go and buy a spicy noodle soup. Once i got it, well it was not so spicy. So I went back, grabbed the chili flake paste they have on the counter and doused the soup in it. Who...was it spicy now. My lips are on fire, Fire I tell you. I'm quenching it with biscuits at the moment.

I have been given homework to get my stuff on Etsy sorted. With a time limit of 1 hour to choose the photographs. I tend to become a bit obsessive with things that I do and perfectionistic so. This way I procrastinate actually doing something that is a little scary. I have to remember that done is better then perfect or as some say perfect is the enemy of done. Unfortunately there are some spanners in my plan for this. The first is, I have meetings until 8.30 PM tonight and I have to paint my drawers in one my layer of blue as in the last layer the blue pigment had not mixed correctly and there are some splotches of darker pigment in the paint that has dried. This has proved that trying new paint brands are not always a good thing and really Dulux is so far the best paint I've ever tried. This time I bought British Paint (the brand is called that) and it really hasn't performed to the standard that I would want.

But I will try my best to get stuff up there, I will make sure I don't spent to much time faffing and over thinking. I will just sort the photos out, and write the descriptions and not think to much if the text is great. I will just make sure it's correctly spelt and that will have to be it. Enough is enough, sometime you just have to do it and stop worrying so much.


  1. hihi, jag har det helt motsatta problemet. jag är nog för kvantitets iriktad. Så fort jag kommer upp till en lägsta nivå med något, oavsett om det är möbler, kläder, böcker, mat, smik etc... så kan jag knappt fortsäta leta eller försöka. Jag önskar att jag kunde lägga lite mer tid på försöka göra saker lite bättre. Jag börjar jaga nästa boll direkt. Nu har jag försökt att lära mig att det finns ett värde i att bli nöjd med det man gör just nu.

  2. It's great that you decide to just "do it", Nike style!

    And wasn't that one of your new years resolutions?

    Katarina, maybe you start chasing the next ball just because you do everything perfect from the beginning? I like that explenation!