Thursday, 7 January 2010


I think the most common place where people feed their frustrations are work. Or driving it seems. But back to the thing we do so many hours of every day. We get frustrated at work even at the most smooth running work places there are ample opportunities to get frustrated.

That is why software development is so interesting, it does not matter how good you build a system there are always something that someone will get frustrated by, actually the better the system is, the more automatic the more people get frustrated by the fact that the buttons aren't perfectly aligned or the fact that they have to call someone to get something sorted.

The problem that I see in this is not the frustration in the work place, I mean you must have something to do during the hours that you are there, why not be angry with the printer, that is something worthwhile to put energy in, because the printer really cares about what you think about it.

The problem is when we bring them home, we get home and we are already angry, tired and frustrated. We tend to not see that someone tidied really nicely in the living room, started dinner or have an interesting tale to tell, we are so angry with such and such in the other department who just doesn't do it right.

I guess the aim of the game should be to be able to refocus before you get home, to be able to divide your live into pockets and not let things from the different pockets interfere with each other. What I mean is that once you are home then you're home and your not thinking about work and when at work your mind is fully at work. It's the opposite of mufti tasking, it's mono tasking. I'm doing this one thing now and all my attention is on that. Or living in the now as some people who would use a more spiritual vocabulary. I'll think of it as mono tasking, it's easier, smells less of incense.

So I shall practice this now, instead of being frustrated I will go home and paint my chest of drawers.


  1. Hi, I can se from your writing and your plan to pain your chest of drawers istead of banging your head against someting hard. It´s nice to se that you have developed since your childhod. I remember when banging your head wasn´t any problem. You took 10 strokes to give one but even then you often won.
    I love seeing your development.

  2. Hej!
    När jag var på kurs så sa kursledaren att när man står utanför örren till sitt hem så skall man stanna upp i tre sekunder och föreställa sig hur man vill uppträda när man kommer in. Väldigt får personer vill ju komma hem och säga det första de gör "fy faan, vad här ser ut", men man gör det ändå...
    Kram K