Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My day was not as bad as this guys

I have had quite a frustrating day, I have been able to un-scientificly prove yet again that all men that have a specific name that I hate, are true arses. I don't know if they are such when they are born and their parents just happen to name them this particularly awful name, or if by giving them this name the parents are dooming them to become truly arsy people.

Anyway, then I was sent this. It happened this afternoon on Australian Live TV. It's viral already here. Channel 7 news is one of the biggest news shows in Australia, at this particular news how this guy is being interviewed about the un-expected non rise in interest rates. Have a look at what the analyst behind him is doing...

It's funny hu. I bet he was quite surprised when he found that everyone that watches the live news in Australia saw him checking out the naked ladies at work.

What ever will his mum say...

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