Monday, 11 January 2010

My bid for humanity.

I don't do much for my fellow man,unfortunately. I give up seats on the buss if you look like you need it and I don't push in (often anyway) in lines but I don't give money to homeless and I very rarely give money to charity. I'm the most common form of charity giver, I give if bullied into it at Christmas.

But today I did something that i think will benefit all Australians. I sent an email to H&M and ZARA and asked them if they would consider opening a store in Sydney. I know if you left them to themselves they would never do it and if they did they would do it in Melbourne, why should Melbourne benefit from even more stores that do not exist in Sydney. I hope they will get back to me to inform me that they are considering doing so such that I and all fellow Australians will be able to buy good design of decent quality to a price that is better then what is currently offered on the market.

It's not that Australia doesn't have good shops, it's just that they are rather expensive for what you get. Being used to London fashion where you can get very decent fashion from a very wide range of high street shops in all different price levels (from Primark with their 2 pound singlets to your little more pricey Karen Millen and Jigsaw). But the shops that I miss the most is ZARA and H&M so I thought I would prompt them to get into gear and come here and sell me some trousers.

Let's see if and when they respond.


  1. Du är en riktig människovänn, och dessutom en modeintresserad människovänn.
    Behöver man 4 olika garderober i Austrailen?
    Här hos oss, så vill man ju ha en höst, en vinter, en vår och en sommargarderob. Men hur är dte där du bor, har man olika flipflops beroende på årstid?

  2. En förvirrande tanke!!! Hur ser ett par vinterflipflops ut? Ar dom röda med ljushållare ptill jul?? Har höstfloppsen stuprännor?? Sommarditon måste väl ha inbyggd solskyddsflaska (Sunblocker i AU) å på våren finns det plats för blomkrukor etc.
    Du kan det vara nåt att intressera H&M AU (om dom kommer dit) för?? Pappa

  3. Fast även om du nu varit snäll mot alla dina medmodemänniskor i Australien borde du kanske ge pengar till hemlösa också...jag ger pegnar varje dag tycker jag, till hemlösa, röda korset, unesco, who, läkare utan gränser, amnesty, vi-skogen, läkarmissionen-sjukt!! Från och emd idag ska jag bara ge till handihand och hemlösa. Och läkareutangränseroch...