Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I'm a bit scatty at the moment, I'm finding it hard to concentrate. My mind is flying all over the place, everywhere except where it is suppose to be. I keep forgetting things I'm suppose to do, to the level where I have to write on a Post It note what I'm currently working on so that I can look up at it in case I forget. Currently it says Algo 8.

I'm trying to get a lot of things done at the same time, with a to-do list, but they are all waiting for input from someone else or final testing. This is the most stressful thing I know. I know I have things to do, I just can't remember what it is. I think one thing is to buy a chilli. And my Post It note say Algo 8, so that would be another thing. But then, I can no longer remember.

So I try to make a list of things to get done this week, you know work and play things. But once I get past finish drawers, well after that I can no longer remember. So I go to the toilet because when I'm in there I normally remember what it is I'm suppose to be doing. It's my secret "find what I'm doing place", it also sometimes work for "find what you looking for" place. If you lost your keys, maybe going in the bathroom will make you remember where you put them. So I remember, but for some reason have time to forget before I'm back at my desk.

Only pointless information floats around in by consciousness, the dentist who says that sugar free chewing gum is your best dental insurance, but how does that work with the stomach, if you eat more gum you have to eat more indigestion medicine, is indigestion medicine good for the teeth. Maybe they should knock those together, indigestion medicine that is good for your teeth or chewing gum that is good for the stomach. But indigestion medicine taste like chalk, could you really sell chalk flavoured gum, maybe that will be trendy. And then all the top chefs will start looking for chalk textured things to serve, I know some red wine that makes your mouth feel like it's full of chalk....

See how it works, it's very tiring to try to reel this thinking in to focus on Algo 8.


  1. hihi, jag förstår precis hur du menar!

  2. Precis så där känns det, känner helt igen känslan. Hopplöst. Listor är ett bra knep, och så kan man ju alltid läsa. Har just avslutat en fantasybok, 750 sidor, underbart att bara sjunka in i en annan värld.