Monday, 4 January 2010


We have been having a very quiet and relaxing time here in Sydney for Christmas and New Years. The weather has been mainly overcast with some really crazy rain showers. I feel a little sorry for people who would have gone to Sydney for Christmas holidays as it hasn't shown itself from it's most beautiful side. I has been good for me thought as I have been able to really get into my new obsession. Cross stitch. My sister gave me a cross stitch pattern for Charismas pattern that I have already finished. Once I finished that one I quickly went out and purchased a new one with new thread. It's going to be a huge flower.

instead of resolutions for 2010 I've been thinking of things that I will want to do less and more off. I want to do less complaining, worrying and feeling guilty and I want to do more laughing, loving of people and learning of things. To achieve this I will make a plan to achieve this, I'm already obsessively recording sitcoms but I will include more comedy shows and movies and people that makes me laugh. In regards to the loving, I reckon I'll figure that one out on my own and learning. Well we received a Trivial Pursuit for Christmas present so I reckon it will be put to use.

When it comes to the complaining, worrying and guilt they are all things that are interlinked. I often worry about things that I can't control and feel guilty about things that aren't within my ability to fix. When I'm failing at controlling everything and everyone that makes me complain. So I reckon if I start to remove one of these things I think I could probably get rid of all three of them. So please if you hear me complaining about something tell me to stop talking and think about what I just said. So for today, no complaints. No more complaints for me today. That will be my resolution for today the 4 of January. I will report tomorrow how that went.

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  1. Yeah but you got the outlaws out of your place haven't ya!!