Friday, 15 January 2010

A new me

I'm not a good shopper, I tend to feel really bad when I go shopping for clothes, I don't like spending money, I think everything is always to expensive (no matter how cheap) and I normally end up standing in the changing rooms feeling untrendy and old. My main issue is that I'm feeling that be able to improve my wardrobe I would have to buy so much new stuff that no amount of money would cover it. I never just need the one new top as an addition to my wardrobe. I need a whole new wardrobe.

Actually I do, I have trousers I wear to work that I bought when I went to university. That is almost 10 years ago. I have a handbag that is almost as old as my youngest sister, I have not bought a new skirt for work wear since 2007. I think I might need a wardrobe update.

So tomorrow is D day. Or S day as I'm going to call it. I have a list of things that I need, like I walked my shoes through the sole, this is after the shoe guy no longer will fix the sole cause it's not worth it. I still wear these shoes, when it rains, my shoes overflows due to the holes in the soles.

So tomorrow my cards are going to bleed from the trashing through the machines in the shops.

By the way H&M got back to me saying that Australia was an interesting market for them. But there are currently no plans for a store here. Dohhh.... well I'm just going to have to be converted to Sports Girl or some other local high street chain with cheap and cheerful clothing. But I'm telling you H&M would do a killing here, it would be slaughter.


  1. Hello

    Can you buy online and get stuffed shipped, or does it cost too much?

    Also, what do you reckon to this jacket?

    I'm really liking Warehouse at the moment, even more than Oasis, which I think has lost its mojo.

    I wish I was coming shopping with you!

    Monica xxx

  2. I think it's really weird that HM doesn't have a store in Sydney... 'cause there are so many swedes in that city. Well, you have to move to sweden, that's the only solution I can see... then Monica could come here on a shopping spree, Drottninggatan (queens street) has five HM-stores, Sergelgatan four...:)

  3. Maria, Sweden has both HM, Zara, mango and the shoestores!!