Wednesday, 27 January 2010

How many Tulips

My sister said in her comment to the previous post, do you think one can do something to make yourself feel more at home. Sometimes just having a tidy house and buying a bunch of tulips makes a home feel nicer. How many tulips do you need to feel at home.

Well, I think probably a whole field of them. I think there are always things that you can do to feel at home quicker, get your house sorted so you feel like you have some roots. Don't live out of a suitcase for years. Buy furniture, put some pictures or something on the walls. All of those things I never really did in London.

Bake. Everything gets homlier when you bake.

If in doubt, buy tulips, failing that, how about frangipanies


  1. Jag har helt gett upp bakningsgrejen. Jag önskar att jag kunde baka, och att jag med mitt stök i köket kunde sprida harmoni i mitt hem. Man jag ger upp. Det har tagit 33 år, och många misslyckade försök. Det är klart att jag kan göra kladddkaka och enklare saker, men så fort det skall jäsa är det kört.
    Det är smärtsamt att se sig själv som den man är, och med det senaste försöket - muffinsen utan socker som Alva hade på princessfikat, som inte ens barnen ville ha, så der jag uppp.
    Jag satsar på tulpanerna...

  2. When I move into a new place, the way I make it mine is to throughly clean it. From top to bottom. It's like a fresh start!
    Although, tulips are a nice touch:)

  3. Wonderful post...lovely blog. When my husband and I were younger we were transferred quite often, which meant packing things up and then trying to make another strange place and house into our home. One day a lady, much older than I was back then, told me; "No matter where you are or how long you are there, always make your house into your home. Even if you're only going to be there a couple of months. Unpack the boxes, hang up pictures, put your good towels up in the guest bathroom. Make it look and feel like home and you'll always be much happier." She was a very wise woman. :)