Thursday, 24 December 2009

God Jul och Gott Nytt Ar allihopa

It's warm today (29 degrees) and sunny and I'm at work. I have not worked on Christmas Eve since I went to University and worked on the holidays in a shoe store. Work is quite empty and people don't seem to have that much to do, there are a lot of people in shorts and flip flops, I have never seen that before as people don't even wear casual clothes on fridays here. More importantantly no fruit was delivered. Which is annoying as I rely on the fruit supply to not get to hungry before lunch.

Tonight we are having meatballs, we had plans for making a big swedish christmas feast tonight, but then we couldn't get ahold of any sill and the rest of the Christmas food I'm not that keen on. So we are having meatballs instead. I like meatballs, next year maybe we do Lax Pudding, I love Lax Pudding...

Tommorow we are doing "big" christmas with a turkey and all that stuff and we have so many presents under the tree. To be honest, most of them are for me, I'm a very spoilt girl this year.
I must have been very good. I have also eaten spinach almost every day. So that should have put me on the Nice list with Santa.

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