Monday, 31 August 2009


We have had a really busy weekend, we went all the way up to the Blue Mountains, to make sure we got real cold. I bought new red canvas shoes from K-mart for 8 dollars cause my feets where freezing.

As I assume you understand the above photo has nothing to do with the Blue Mountains, but I'm so very tired as I've worked untill now (9 pm) preparing for a presentation, so I can't come up with anything clever to say. So instead I'm showing a ring I made for A:s niece...

The silver bead swivvels...

Now, project runway, tea, chocolate and a sleep


  1. I love the new ring, it's amazing.

    Good luck with the presentation.

  2. good luck on your presentation from me too! *spark i baken*
    I like the ring, how did you make it?
    puss och SLAFS!

  3. I also love the ring and I'm nonvinced the presentation went well. You and your sisters are pro's. Next week I will participate in a debate according swedish alcoholpolicy and I am nervous!!

  4. I love the ring, and you really have to put all these things you make on your website, so people can see how amazingly talented you are. I just showed it to a friend and she said the triple leafed tormaline necklace was among the prettiest things she'd ever seen.
    Much love/Jonathan