Wednesday, 5 August 2009

View from my window

I've spoken about the winter sky here before, it's so blue it almost scares me. I'm not used to this vivid blue colour.

The above picture I took from my seat at work this afternoon, this is my view from my deks. The photo is taken at around 2 pm with my mobile camera. Just wanted to share some of the sunshine and the blue sky that we have been having for the last 2 or 3 weeks.


  1. wow, what a cool colour! We've had sun in Stockholm now for three days, that's a lot for us:) But the city looks so grey, I thought it would be greener. Take photos of your neighbourhood aswell, så we can get an idea of how it looks like! bisou

  2. Wow that's amazing! It's warm but muggy here.

  3. Great colour but again I have to sa the same as Lovisa; the city looks really grey. No trees, no grass, no flowers. I didnt know they use to build like this in Australia, I thoiugt everything where small white houses...