Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Things that makes me angry

There are many things that makes you angry in the world, injustice, abuse, corruption and animals/babies/elderly being treated badly..

These are things to deserve your thoughts and your anger. I have realised I often choose to get angry at things that really is not worth it and that I cannot solve.
For example I get really angry about having to buy toilet paper. It’s the act of having to remember to buy really boring and mundane products that makes me really annoyed. I realise this is a waste of my time and my energy. Everyone has to buy toilet paper, it is nothing to be angry about. More importantly I can’t solve this. Not buy bulk buying or not buying.

So I have to accept this, everyone else seems to have. And that makes me even angrier. I wish there was someone else that could sort this out. Like international sorting out organisation that took care of toilet paper tissues and hand towels for you. You know, they knew when you needed more and then it got delivered. Not like a government organisation or anything cause that would be to bureaucratic and you’d never get your toilet paper on time. And they have lots of other things to do. You know prevent war and sort out social service payments and make sure that when ministers are having affairs it ends up in the media (or maybe that are the media themselves).Anyway, they are busy.

So I see it more like a God, like a divine toilet paper person that would, you know
organise that.

A toilet paper God. A God of toilet paper...maybe he/she also could take care of other things one has to remember as well like washing up liquid and toothpaste.


  1. Ilove it!!! A toilettpaper/Tothpaste God thats what we need!!

  2. Andra saker att bli arg på är ju faktiskt när den som tog det sista toalettpapperet INTE sätter dit en ny rulle, utan man sätter sig ner, uträttar det man ska, och så ska man torka sig och...inte det nä. Det blir man arg på!!