Saturday, 1 August 2009

Things we own

I have a clothes hanger from Nisses Herrmode in Trollhattan in Sweden.

This hanger must have come from a previous boyfriend I had when I was 20 in Skane, down south in Sweden. So this hanger has moved from Trollhattan to Skane, from Skane to Stockhol, from Stockholm to London and now it has moved to Sydney in Australia.

It is truly a very international and well travelled clothes hanger.


  1. hihi, that's funny... I think there are som really old hangers from nisses herrmode in Älta aswell, so maybe they're your hanger's grand parents or something? puss

  2. I have a table lamp which has journeyed from Motherwell to Edinburgh, to London, had a little holiday at a friend's flat :-), and is now in my living room.

  3. The ´mysteri of the hamger is even maby moore complicated. The hanger does probebly com from your mothers. She had a number og "trollhättan hanger" when we met. So your hanger has probebly also lived in Lerum, Skara, and SKöve before it came to Stockholm.