Thursday, 27 August 2009

With a little help from my friends..

When I lived in London Saturday night during the autumn what a holy night, it would almost always be huge amounts of white wine and food with my girls and perhaps a late night outing to a wide variety of diverse drinking locations. But first and foremost it was X-factor. It was X-factor with wine and food and social interaction. The night would start civil and then we would quickly escalate to a what was he/she/the band thinking, that is a horrible song, they can’t sing anyway, what are they wearing, are they bling...Ohhh I love this one, it’s my favourite song, oh and they are killing it.

Now X-factor is going strong again this autumn and I’m not there, I would assume that the Saturday nights with wine,food and X-factor is not that different.

Here they have Australian Idol instead. It’s on a Sunday, which is a bad night for a food, wine and bad mouthing the contestant session. And it’s no fun to be mean about people that can’t hear you if you are on your own, and A really doesn’t have the right mean streak to get real nasty.

I must say so far in this year’s Australian Idol the level of skill of the
contestants this year it’s rather abysmal. I’ve seen it before where the Australian contestants have shat all over the UK version. I thought I would be all over for the UK version of the competition...

Then I saw this guy.

The actual singing starts at about 1 min 35 sek. Well worth the effort.


  1. Wow, he was amazing!!! I've got chills and I think a cried a little bit too... at work:) Puss

  2. The same here, I acctually got gås hud!

  3. I aslo got gåshud and I also cried at work. Lovely. As your rings Maria, the are fantastic, absolutely marvelous!!