Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Rimma Simma Dimma

Me and A went swimming on Saturday morning as we do, in Pool opposite our house. It’s a good but over chlorinated pool.

As I was coming to my last lap in my pyramid of laps A decided he was going to swim it next to me. Now, at this point I have been swimming 1200 meters and these are my last 50, and he has been resting for 5 minutes or so as he is finished with his paltry 800 meters. At this point I am tired and my shoulders are hurting as I am unable to use my legs for swimming. At this point my lungs are feeling like they are filled with metal tasting mush.

So A is swimming next to me. As I come up from my last 50 meters he says

-“It’s so strange, when I swim in my normal pace I feel like I am swimming really fast, but when I swim in your pace it feels like I’m hardly moving forward at all!”


It’s like when my older sister and I and our friend Susila was talking English before we had actually learned any English. It goes something like this.

-Rudshi, kudshi, rady bady, Baby, Love, Yeah, Baby Love, Ice Cream.

Anyway, we were talking away in our pretend English as you do when you are 7 years old and think that English is the height of sophistication. My sister then says in a very determined voice (my sister was a very determined child)

-“Maria, When I speak English it sounds like English, when Susila speaks English it sounds French, but when you speak it sounds like Finnish”

Which we all know is the height of insults. Sounding Finnish. If you are a 7 year old girl in Sweden trying to speak English, sounding Finnish, really is the failure of everything. As all Swedish school children know, Finnish is the ugliest language in the world. ( I’m sure as an adult that is a very unfair statement and as an adult all I can actually say in Finnish is Moi Mukulat, which is loosely translated as Hi Kids)

I have since found out that when I speak English I sound South African and when I speak the little Italian I remember I actually sound Finnish .

But back to the Swimming...

Just to let you know Matey Mate.

At least I go swimming. Moving forward or no moving forward.

Edit Post: 13.30: I would like to state for the record that A is the person who has spent a huge amount of time teaching me how to swim. So this is not meant to make him sounds like a nasty person. Just to show that I'm not the only one in my little house that has a competitive streak, he pointed that out that he was refering to how fast he swims, as I swim fast...and then He would swim super duper fast. This is not true. I don't swim that fast.


  1. I think that it’s a husband thing. Anton has given me a lot of good advices when we are sporting together. For example; once when we where bicycling to Hellas he asked me why I didn’t keep the same speed uphill and downhill, it was just an advice, but he thought that we might get there faster that way… When we where jogging in the begging he thought that it would be easier for me if didn’t breathe that heavily… Anyway, you beat me in the English part today, and my English is sounding more and more Finnish, but I blame the Finns in Sonera.

  2. hihi, I like that both of your husbands are competative but not in a bad or mean way. They're just offering some good tips, that's all:) Maria, I don't think you sound south african when you speak english, cause that's almost inpossible to understand and I can understand you. And for someone who's swimming without using the legs, you're amazing. But I like Antons suggestion with the running, not to breath so heavy. I'm gonna' remember that one...

  3. You are so funny!! I laughed Maria and Katarina when I was reading your stories, but Katarina, is it really through that Anton said this to you and where serious? Yes that's something to remember.
    Maria I hope your hip is alright again? I hope I've told you that my Mum fell the other week and broke the same hip again? And the right arm? she is skröpplig and rather sad at the moment, so all girls, when you have time, call or mail her. She cant read, but dad can. Lot of hugs!!

  4. Hello, here comes a latercommer. This thing with not really well timed advices is a "male thing" I suppose. You know when I "imstructed" you downhillskiing when you where kids som of the instructions where a bit obvius!! Or??