Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New Things

I started making some new jewellery last night. Just to try it out. I haven’t been making anything for since May and boy do you notice. Somehow your hands get unfit. It does not move naturally with the metal anymore. It’s like the synapses in the brain needs a wake up to remember how to make sure that the metal doesn’t turn the wrong way when you are turning up a ring.

I have some new ideas for some of the stones I’ve purchased in the last couple of months. But as always I get to attached to the stones and I don’t want to make things with them. I just want them to stay in my nice display box so I can look at them and go

-“OHH...My Precious...so sparkly”

I am a natural accumulator, I do not like waste, I like to save things. I get enjoyment of seeing my savings account increase, I hate throwing things out even when I can’t use it for anything anymore. I do this with stones all the time, I buy them for something that I’m going to make and then never think the design is good enough for the stone so I don’t do anything with them. I just keep them and look at them and they make me happy.

But I have decided the 8 Cushion cut topazes I bought in South Africa will all become rings. Wether I like it or not. Or maybe at least 7 or maybe 6, yeah 6 rings and then I can keep two of them cause they are so nice and so sparkly..they are my most precious.

Actually my most precious super stone that I love more then the others are a Mauve Spinel that A bought me and a multi coloured Tourmaline that I bought. Cause it's hot pink and teal...beat that.

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