Monday, 24 August 2009

Imaginary turtle

Yesterday was our first anniversary. Me and A have been married for one year and I was trying to “analyse” what had been good and bad with that year. You know take Stock, see what you can improve (If I start to put my breakfast bowl in the dishwasher in the morning I think A would be a very happy man) and what we could do more off.

I don’t think this year can be seen as representative of an average year of if that is going to be the case I’ll be a nervous wreck before I’m 35. We have done a lot of things, we just got married when I got my Aussie visa, then had major hip surgery, just starting to recover from that when I cashed in my bonus and resigned and moved to the other side of the world.

It’s a lot of things to do in one year. I’m just starting to god at the walking again. Sorting out all the other things that come with a new life in a new place, well I’ll just hope it will all fall in place in time.
As the first Anniversary is supposed to be represented by Paper I was given paper products. I got some writing paper, and pretty silver pen and HUGE family calendar. A got tickets to Ben Folds playing with the Sydney Opera house Symphony Orchestra in the Sydney opera house.

The calendar has place for up to 6 peoples different schedules, me and A, we are just 2 people so we won’t be able to fill the calendar.

So my plan is to create an imaginary friend with a very busy schedule. I think it will be an Imaginary Turtle. Then I can fill the calendar with Turtle play dates, gardening outings and veterinary trips

I will call him Turtle Turtlesson


  1. I'm jellous of the Ben Fold tickets, VERY jellous. Promise me to enjoy it as much as I would, and Maria, if you can't dance, make sure Andrew dance enough for both him, you and me! Congrats on the paper aniversary! Och låt inte sköldpaddan stressa ihjäl sig, då kryper han in i sitt skal och det är inte kul för någon:) puss

  2. This is anonymous post. Hello

  3. Åh vilka fina presenter. Andrew är värkligen omtänksam och har bra fantasi.
    Du kanske kan ta med mitt schema i en av de lediga luckorna? Eller en arbetskamrat? Eller jag vet.. om du träffar en ny tjejkompis så kan du skriva ned hennes schema och framstå som en riktig stalker.... tänk vad hon skall bli förvånad när hon kommer hem till er och du har hennes schema på väggen, tillsammans med en påhittad sköldpadda, dig och andrew (hahahah! jag skrattar åt mitt eget rooliga skämt)

  4. wELL MY "CALEDER GIRL". Yourweddingday was really fantastic and I hope that you will do this "bookend" every yéar to find out what is working and what isn´t.
    I Think that you two will do well!!