Thursday, 27 August 2009

Be Square

Or rectagular..

Setting square or rectagular stones are far more complicated then setting round ones. When you sett a round stone, if the stone is small enough you only need to have one drill called a burr shaped either like a ball or like a conical shape to drill out the setting for the stone. If the stone is bigger, then you have to move the drill around the setting for the stone. But you can still use the drill (the one called a burr).

When you set square or rectagular stones, or any irregular shape like a pear drop, triangle, trillion or marquis shaped stone, you need to really work it. You basicly have to remove the inside of the setting at 45 degree angle using a hand saw or a file. This takes time and effort and results in saw cuts in your fingers...

But for some reason the result is always worth the work. Don't you think :-)..

This is the latest ring I set tonight. It's sterling silver with a Sky Blue bezel set Topaz.The stone is 8x6 mm big, and the ring is a size 7 1/4 (US), O1/2 (UK), 17.5(SWE). For any of my sisters this means it is way way to big.


  1. MAria it's amazing! I think your trip across the ocean has improved your jewellery making skills, allthough I didn't think it was possible! Wow-chicka-wow-wow!

  2. I think it's cause I have not so many friends here so I have more time. I work for at least 1 hour every day...

    I think consistency is the thing :-). Thank you for the sweet words. Now go write funny things on your blog so I can read it in the mornging when I have my morgning coffe

  3. My dear, It is really mazing. I which I had someone to give rings to!! They are really something extra. You are ever so skillfull. I´ll come back with an order later in life. Dad