Tuesday, 11 August 2009

In a straight and orderly fashion

I’ve been working on a belated birthday present for my Sister K. It’s a ring. She knows it’s a ring so I’m not running the surprise here. However, I’ve been working on it since Saturday and I’ve been unable to make a single straight cut into the silver. It’s like my straight line gene has disappeared. Which for me is a huge deal as most of my designs are very straight and orderly. I’ve never had the ability of making things look organic and deconstructed without making it look really unmade and nasty.

There are many designers who excel in the organic, deconstructed and unstructured look but not me. I love straight stocked shelves and storage. I get very excited when I go into a shop and everything is perfectly lined up. I think that is why I like supermarkets. I love clever packaging; square boxes that can be used for holding products but also can be used as good display.

So straight cuts are of massive importance to me. With every wavy cut I make into the ring it gets smaller and smaller. K, I think this ring will turn out to be like that children story where the tailor ends up delivering only a thumb from a huge piece of cloth.

“Det blidde en Tumme”


  1. En silvertumme kanske?
    Jag har fullt fortroende för ditt silversmide, och jag gillar snea ringar. Du gör fantastiskt fina saker. För övrigt så kollade jag in din blogg och du har ett superfint skrivbord/arbetsbord tjejen!!

  2. Håller med, din blogg överhuvudtaget Maria är fantastisk.