Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Working away in my little studio

One thing with not knowing so many people in a town is that I don't get tempted to go and socialise at night during the week. The people we do know here are very busy people with either family or high power jobs. This leaves me time to faff around in my little "Studio".

This is what I've been working on, a sterling silver crown ring with a white fresh water pearl.

As you can see it has a very high design. I like the impact of the height. It makes it a very visible ring. Not a little shy wallflower ring this one.

I've also worked on a little order I got. This is pendant I call "Huvudfoting". It's inspired of the painting my niece gave me when I turned 30. When children start to draw they draw stick figures with arms and leg attached straight to head. Often the facial features is one big group of round lines. In Swedish these stick figures are called "Huvudfotingar" = Head Footings.

You can also refer to small children who learn to ski as "Huvudfotingar" as the helmet is so big for their bodies they look like huge heads with skies.

So this is my "Huvudfoting" pendant. I'm quite pleased with it. But I can decide what would be most suitable. A matt pendant or High Polish. I'm a High Polish girl at hearth, but I'm thinking maybe I should venture out and try out new polishes, be a little crazy. Well as crazy as you can get from polishing.


  1. Wow, Maria, the ring is the most beautiful one I've seen. I LOVE it. It looks so profesional, a high power piece of jewellery. I think the pendant will look nice with polish! And don't forget all the huvudfotingar that Jonathan made when he was a child, especially the one that was supposed to be Roger Pontare!

  2. And I owne the R Pontare picture. It will be worth a fortune when he became gen sec of UN.

    The ring is wunderful. I am sorry that I have nobody to give it ti (a ring is seriose). I will came beck on that. It is super and the pendant is also nice but it will be even nicer in reality. I think that its buty has to be seen in realuty.

  3. The ring was absolutly lovely Maria. Absolutly. But I love the Headloose neckless even more. Because I have that lovley armring that you made with the Headloose also, and that armring never leavs my wrist. The neckless with the round ring I got never leaves me either. But a Headloose neckless could compete with that ring, that's obvious!!!

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