Monday, 30 November 2009

Bussing to the beach

I had a wonderful weekend. We hosted a birthday BBQ together with another couple as they have similar dates in their family to ours. This worked out excellent for me as I don't like to invite people to things as I assume that no-one wants to come. Now I could leverage on other peoples popularity.
I could also spend most of the time standing in front of the pedestal fan with the other couples 3 month old son instead of helping with the washing up. A gain in all circumstances.

The weekend was busy enough to keep me from going to much into my own head. My head is a bad neighbourhood that I do not like to go into alone. It takes a very short time for my mind if left unattended to get very negative and really there is very little need to be negative if the sun is out and you can take one bus and get to the beach.

We did fit in some beach time. I love the beach, Mr T, not so much a lover of the beach. His skin doesn't really agree with the sun beating down on it for long periods of time. We have bought a blue beach umbrella for him, but I still feel a little guilty for forcing him to go there as he gets no enjoyment out of it. Actually I don't know anyone from north Australia that really likes the beach that much. Which is funny as the place is littered with beaches with miles and miles of white sand.
But I guess if you have grown up with the beach on your doorstep is not that special. Especially if you can't use it during the summer due to the extreme heat and all the strange animals waiting to sting or eat you.

I can't say I'm that impressed with either snow or moose's. Which would be the only thing I could think that we have as much in northern Europe of as they have of white sand in northern Australia.

Anyway, we bought a Christmas tree. I've been making Christmas decorations to an almost obsessive level. I will show them off when they are all finished.

But now, fish soup for dinner


  1. Hej gumman!! Saknar dig, och du har en underbar blogg!! Varma kramar Syrran

  2. sounds like a really good weekend! Oh, the beach... how I wish I too could take a bus and go to a warm, sandy beach... on the other hand, Sweden has had 14 hours of sun during the whole month of november. yeah... suck on that Australia! saknar dig också, precis som syrran ovanför. kram

  3. But on the other hand it has been raining al the time so the danger of forestfire is mutch smaller here. When it is raining there is no visible sun so it fells that we are lining in a dark wet cave.