Monday, 2 November 2009

Neon Blue

Jacaranda Tree
It’s coming into summer in Sydney and the weather is warm and humid. I have always been a little scared of warm and humid. Not because I will look like a flat haired sweaty crazy person because I do that anyway but more because I don’t really like smells. I don’t even like perfume or things like that because I tend to be oversensitive to the acrid and tart smells that they have. And smells are enhanced by hot and humid areas. Everyone who has been in a garbage room in summer can attest to that.

My cold northern European nose is not used to the pungent smells that exist in hot and humid countries and I the reason I freak out so much about bad smells is that you cannot get away from them. They attack you and then you are stuck with them. The really bad ones also seem to get stuck in the nose and won’t disappear even if you blow your nose many times.

So I have been a little worried lately as I’ve been walking to work cause it is getting warmer and I am expecting that stuff is going to start attacking me on the way to work and I will spend the day blowing my nose to get rid of the smells and people will think that I’m having some nose related issues, you know issues with noses and stuff that goes in them and such. Which I don’t and I don’t want people to suspect that I am and such.

Anyway, what I was going to say was. It does not smell. Or it does smell but right now the smell I’m walking through on my way to work is strawberry jasmine and the lovely waft of the neon purple jacaranda tree. Which you all must agree is not half bad as a walking companion down Bourke Street in the mornings. Sure beats the buzzed out strange people strolling long oxford street for sure. So all good really. And I spent an hour on the beach yesterday.

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  1. Oh, it's so pretty, the tree. In Sweden we haven't seen the sun for two weeks. At all. Oh, I think I saw a glimps of it this friday, but other wise, no. The smell is only one: cold. Lucky you that got to be at the beach!
    AIK vann SM-guld Maria! Så nu kan du va riktigt lycklig:)