Thursday, 12 November 2009

Things that are strange.

Yesterday was my last day at work. I start my new job on Monday. I've spent longer in front of the computer today then I have done when I've been at work. I've spent 12 hours today learning a new programming language.

There is an abundance of great fresh tropical fruit. I buy it and put it in the fridge. And subsequently leave it there until it goes off. I eat chocolate instead.

Since I was my biggest (at 18) I have lost approx 6 dress sizes and almost 20 Kg. When I was my biggest I ate very healthy and exercised 10-14 times a week. Now I exercise a maximum of 3 times a week and I eat mainly anything that is placed in front of me the unhealthier the better.
I can't understand how the maths works.

I hate paper work but really like the way that paper looks when it's stacked.

I really like boxes, but only ones with corners. Round boxes really annoy me.


  1. Maybe you like those boxes because you're such a square...hehehe, only joking.

    I think maybe that you eat more healthy then you give your self credit for. Or, I KNOW you do. And anyone that has ever met you knows that too! PUSS!

  2. I must have missed something, didn't you start a jobb a while ago? And now a new one? Congratulatiosn anyway! :)

  3. Du har alltid gillat kartonger och lådor, inslagningspapper och snören. Det jobbiga är ju dels att stoppa in allt i lådorna och sen att komma ihåg i vilken låda man stoppade grejjerna. Det är därför ajg altlid har saker framme, för annars kommer jag inte ihåg var de är nånstans.