Tuesday, 1 December 2009

In waiting

I’m waiting for London to get to work so I can have a meeting on the phone. I should be to do the meeting on the phone from home, except I have no home phone. Well I have a home phone number but no actual physical phone. I think I might have to get myself one of those.

Other than that, today it’s the first day of summer here. Which is strange as its colder today then it was on the weekend when it was still spring. It’s also the day when people have the “right” to put up their Christmas tree. Mr T is really exited. He wants to put it up tonight, but I think we should wait till the weekend.

This is our first Christmas tree which is a big step on creating new Christmas traditions. My family tend to have a very traditional Christmas where the same thing has been done year after year. Now we will have the opportunity to create our own traditions. I reckon it will be a mix of all the old ones from our respective families. I know Mr T will most likely have a fried breakfast with ham and egg as that is what his dad used to make. I will make rice porridge I think.

The big question is, when do you get presents, on the 24:th or the 25:th or should we make it such that you get a double load…

Ohh these are issues I entertain myself with.


  1. presents on the 24th, that's when jesus came... I think... I wasn't really paying attention in school when they were reading the bible...

  2. Tch, no no no, the ickle baby jesus arrived on the 25th. Getting presents on the 24th is just sheer impatience.

    Making new traditions is the best fun. If I was the sheriff of the free world, everyone would have to eat bagels on Christmas morning.

    Monica x

  3. Hello! just a comment from the history teatcher
    We give presents because the three wise men gave presents, and they arrived at the 7th of Januari. (It took some time to cross the desert).
    Nice to make your own combination of traditions, I would keep the long walk before lunch, but I could for sure skip the gifts. But that would make the kids a bit disapointed.

  4. I love christmas because the family is together and all people are friendly. This Christmas will be totally different, I will also make new traditions and I hope to see the family one of the Christmasdays. Most of all I want to go to the Sun and skip the Christmas this year.