Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Crazy and questioning

I’m one of those people who always question my decisions. Did I make the right one, should I have done it differently, where would I be if I had done it this way, that way etc.

Sometimes I wish you could get a book of answers of your life ahead of time such that you would know at the start what the outcome would be. Then I would know if I’m just running away out of fear or if I’m making sensible decisions. People say you should listen to your body. It’s never wrong. But it’s hard when logic says one thing and the gut says another. The funny thing though is that the gut really likes to tell you what it thinks. It’s not ignorable anymore. I will have to make some changes, make sure I live healthier. I can’t ignore it anymore.


  1. Just imagine there was such a book, what would you want it to say as the story of your life? Would you want it to be boring and predictable, or for it to be surprising? Who would play you in the film of the book?

    As far as I can see, you live a very healthy life. You keep striving, which is the most important thing.

    I still regret not going to Japan to teach English when I was 23. Who knows where that might have led?

    Love and hugs,

    Monica xxx

  2. Hello,
    Give me an example of that book!!
    I have a few questions, mostly regarding housing issues.
    If we would move, will Alva get as great friends as she has in Enskede?
    If we would move, will I like it at the new place?
    Will the intrest rates raise abowe 7%?

    I want the book!!

  3. If you are an analyzing person you will always question yourself. It's sometimes more healthy to do that instead of just going and going without ever looking at yourself or your own life choices.

    BUT: you also have to hav confident in yourself, and in the fact that the choices has to be made. The only thing you'll regret is not trying, just as Monica said.

    I think that very often there's no right or wrong choice, just two very different ones. Most of the time your gut is right, but not if the feeling comes from fear alone. Like, I'm not going to apply for that job or take a leave from work because I'm afraid of what's going to go wrong.

    Katarina: I think Alva will get great friends even if you move. She's the same age that Olle was when he left Kenya, and he's still in contact with some of the friends he made there, on a whole other continent, and in Nicaragua, even the ones that live in US, Colombia and Germany. He left Sweden when he was 14, a very difficult age, and he kept the friends in Sweden anyway. Thanks to computers and somewhat cheap flights the world is a smaller place now. Not to mention Stockholm. It will work!


  4. I think i second monica although there are many times in life when i do think it would feel easier or less scary to know the outcome before taking the leap but then those are the things that make life worth living and make you grow into the person you have become

    The disappointments make you stronger, taknig the plunge and learning from it makes you know a bit better for next time, falling in love and meeting new people is so much better because you weren't expecting it.

    There are many things that seem easier if you have a book but if you had that book you wouldn't be the person you are today - you wouldn't have tried the things you've tried.

    On the flip side when the really rubbish things do happen I often wish for the book - I especially wish for it now that we've bought a house and i am having nightmares about being left alone with a mortgage!!! But you've got this far without a book and you've done bloody well - you have a good career, a wonderful husband, a bunch of friends and family who love you to death and miss your the crazy, quirky person you are - and you wouldn't be her with a book :-)

    big big hugs mwah x
    I emailed your private email account by the way